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The Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) is a public safety organization responsible for law enforcement and fire protection duties within Broward County, Florida.The head of the organization is Sheriff Gregory Tony. Deputy Sheriffs of the BSO are delegated their law enforcement authority by the sheriff of Broward County. BSO is one of the largest fully accredited Sheriff’s offices in the …

Victim Services Unit - Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Crime Victims 02/05/2019 Boynton Briefing – Feb. 5, 2019. 19-006581 1941 hours Vandalism Auto 1901 N Congress Ave Victim reported between 2200 hours on 02/03 and 0630 hours on 02/04, unknown suspects shattered the rear window of the victim’s Chevy Equinox.

Florida Attorney General Victim Services Directory. … Services: Criminal justice support/advocacy; Crisis counseling; Emergency cell telephone; … personal advocacy; victims compensation claims assistance; Death notification; Support group.

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Password Requirements: Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and include a combination of upper/lower case character(s), number(s) and special character(s). It must not be a …

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OVC-funded Victim Assistance for Florida Phone: 800-226- … To locate additional services in your area, search OVC's Online Directory of Crime Victim Services.

Innocent crime victims in Florida can claim compensation by the Bureau of Victim … paying for funerals, or offering various relocation assistance services. … miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, Kendall, Overtown, South Beach, Edgewater, Miami Lakes …. broward county including fort lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, …

Our skilled legal team is committed to fighting to protect your rights and further your best interests. We work to help our clients suppress damaging evidence, negotiate advantageous plea bargain agreements, reduce the scope and scale of punishments and fines, avoid conviction (where possible) and apply for expunction of criminal records, per F.S. 943.0585.

Snapshot is a cutting-edge forensic DNA analysis service that provides a variety of tools for solving hard cases quickly: genetic genealogy: Identify a subject by matching their DNA to one or more family members. DNA Phenotyping: Predict physical appearance and ancestry of an unknown person from their DNA. Kinship Inference: Determine kinship between DNA samples out to six degrees of …

We're committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with community members while providing excellent service to keep our community safe.

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